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Mayor Clarence Hughes 

Biography  Mayor, Clarence Hughes 

Mayor Clarence Hughes was born in the town of Ridgeville, South Carolina and has lived his entire life in the quiet peaceful town. He attended Clay Hill Elementary in Ridgeville.SC and graduated from Jenkins Hill High, Harleyville. SC in the year 1970.

Mayor Hughes married his wife, Edna Winningham in August of 1973 and they made Ridgeville, SC their home where they still reside. They have one son and one granddaughter.

After graduating high school he worked at R.M. Industrial for twenty-three years before accepting a position at Robert Bosch where he continued to work for twenty-two years before retiring in December 2017.

Mayor Hughes was elected Mayor of Ridgeville on November 7, 2017, and was sworn into office on January 09, 2018. Before being sworn into office as Mayor, Clarence Hughes actively served as a Town Councilman for thirteen years.

Mayor Hughes is dedicated to promoting a vibrant local economy, strong neighborhoods, a better quality of life and a peaceful and united town. His philosophy is that Ridgeville its strength from the diversity of its people and the beauty of all the natural resources that this area has to offer. With these goals in mind, he expects to see much growth and a better quality of life to be enjoyed by all of Ridgeville citizens and the surrounding areas.

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