To serve you better, we've assembled a list of our residents' most frequently asked questions. If you don't find your answer here, feel free to contact us.

Frequently Asked Questions

Planned Developments Information

Will there be apartments in the developments?


Will the roads be improved for the increase of traffic?

Yes, Both developments were required to perform Traffic Impact Analysis with Dorchester County to
determine the long-term traffic implications of their developments. The internal roads for these
developments will be private roads maintained by the development. Both developers have agreed to
provide all site-specific road improvements and to work with the State and Dorchester County to
provide all other road improvements.

Has Dorchester County already been given the proposal and rejected due to cost concerns?

 These two properties HAVE NOT submitted for approval with Dorchester County and wish to be part of
the Town Ridgeville. If these annexations are approved, the Town will receive the property taxes and
business licenses from the properties within the development.

Will there be new Schools and Park?

The DD4 School District is aware of these developments. They have toured the sites and met with the
developers. The Town is awaiting a determination of what needs they have. Yes there is land in the plans for several new parks.

Will this be a fast development?

No, this developmnet has a timeline over the next 10+ years before it is expected to be at full capacity and several years before construction will begin. 

Was the public notified about the Planning and Zoning Meeting in November?

Yes, these meetings are public meetings with the agendas being placed on the door at Town Hall and notice being placed on the sign out in front of Town Hall. The Notice was also posted on the Town website and the town facebook. 

What about Police Protection?

With the increase in tax revenue from the development the town will be able to hire new officers and increase police coverage.