Planned Developments Information

Annexation Information 

A Planned Developments allows for a mixed-use development and allows for more requirements to be placed on a property.

The uses allowed in each of these developments are:
Single Family Homes

Commercial Uses that are allowed in the Town’s Neighborhood Commercial Zoning District
Civic Uses: including schools, libraries, Parks, etc.

There will be NO Apartments in these developments.

The property will be served by the Dorchester Water and Sewer Authority.

All developments were required to perform Traffic Impact Analysis with Dorchester County to determine the long-term traffic implications of their developments. The internal roads for these developments will be private roads maintained by the development. Both developers have agreed to provide all site-specific road improvements and to work with the State and Dorchester County to provide all other road improvements.

The DD4 School District is aware of these developments. They have toured the sites and met with the developers.

The Varn and Appleby properties HAVE NOT submitted for approval with Dorchester County and wish to be part of the Town Ridgeville. If these annexations are approved, the Town will receive the property taxes and business licenses from the properties within the development.

The Varn and Appleby developments were discussed at the Town of Ridgeville Planning Commission meetings on 06/08/22, 10/2/22 and the Planning Commission made a recommendation for approval of the zoning of these properties on 11/28/22. All Planning Commission meetings are public meetings with the agendas being placed on the door at Town Hall and notice being placed on the sign out in front of Town Hall.